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Library Board

Alleghany Highlands Regional Library Board of Trustees

A 12-member Board of Trustees governs the Library.  Three members are appointed by the Alleghany County Board of Supervisors, and three members are appointed by Covington City Council.  The Board of Trustees elects three members from each of the two localities.  Members serve four-year terms.  Board members elect, for one-year terms, the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer.


Anne Dean (Alleghany County) - President

Max Shawver (City of Covington) -Vice President

Debbie Henderson (Alleghany County) - Secretary

Denny Nelson (Alleghany County) - Treasurer

Ruth Fleming (City of Covington)

Matt Garten (Alleghany County)

Audrey Lear (City of Covington)

Tom Long (City of Covington)

Clara Moseley (Alleghany County)

Nolan Nicely (Alleghany County)

Pat Pleasant (City of Covington)

Bryan Thompson (City of Covington)

Alleghany Highlands Regional Library

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